Danielle Panabaker Latest Hot Pics

Published on Dec 21 2013 // Actress, Gallery, Hollywood Actress

Danielle Panabaker Latest Hot Pics

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Hollywood Actress Name : Danielle Nicole Panabaker

Hollywood Actress Stage Name : Danielle Panabaker

Actress Date of Birth : September 19, 1987

Hollywood Actress Birth Place : Augusta, Georgia, United State

Actress Number of Films : 22

Hollywood Actress Number of Television Appearence : 23

About Actress : Danielle Nicole Panabaker is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in the Disney Channel films Stuck in the Suburbs. Panabaker was added to the cast of the CBS television drama pilot Shark, as “Julie Stark”, the main character’s daughter. She had a regular role in the series, which ran for two years. Although she sometimes only appeared in a scene or two an episode, and was absent from three episodes in the series run, she was billed second to the star, James Woods.

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